Robert was in the hospital for 18 days the first time. When he was released, he had to go for chemotherapy five days a week for months. I only learned about this story after he passed away...


One day a man brought his wife in for her first chemotherapy treatment. Of course they were nervous; they had no idea what it was going to be like. As they were sitting in her cubical, they heard laughter and horsing around. The man decided to investigate and found Robert hooked up to the machine, but having a heck of a time with the nurses and techs. Many of the nurses that had been with him when he was in the hospital would come to visit him.

This man spent almost two hours with Robert that day. It turned out the man was a psychiatrist and that’s when Robert began to go for therapy, biking more than 10 miles in each direction.

It turned out that they spoke of many things. I don’t know exactly what, but after Robert passed away the man called me to offer condolences. He told me this story and told me he that during that first meeting he told Robert about things in his life that not even his best friends knew.

THAT WAS WHO ROBERT WAS! He had the ability to make people feel comfortable, to open up, to share their deepest personal stories.